Japanese Student Visitors

(sc) - On the 11th March 2015 some Japanese students visited us.

Six pupils from the class had different jobs. Two pupils should welcome the Japanese. We asked them questions and got the answers. They provided us with questions too. The students were a bit reluctant at the beginning, but when they realized that we like them, they opened up. We found out that they are only for two days in Berlin. They want to become teachers because they respect the teachers very much. The students are from Japan from different cities, but they are studying all at the same university near Tokyo.

Two more pupils of our class explained the rules of the game we played, namely Domino - Chain Reaction. We had to build four types of dominos. The first was through dominos on two different paths. Next, the dominos should run in crosses. Later the dominos had to go up in numbers. To conclude, we could think about a surprise. It was a lot of fun.

Two other pupils were given the task to thank the students for coming, because we were pleased that they visited our school and we were happy to see them. At the very end we shot a lot of pictures to keep them in good memory.

Serap Cengiz (Klasse OBF 14_2)